What is GabnGabn?

GabnGabn is your personal recipe vault.

It eliminates the need to have an endless list of bookmarks of your favorite recipes in your browser.

Whenever you find a new and exciting recipe, you can copy it here, to your personal account. It will stay here for as long as you want it to. You can change it, post your own picture of it and share it with your friends or with the world. Or you can make it private, so no one else will ever see it.

Furthermore, if you speak more than one language, you can insert your recipes in different languages and you can search for other users' recipes in all the languages you understand.

I like it! Is it free?

For the first four months, you have full access to all features of GabnGabn.

After that, it costs 12€ per year (1€ per month).

If you choose not to pay, your recipes will still be here, but your account will be read-only. You will not be able to add new recipes, but you will still be able to see and share your old recipes.

Wait, I have to pay for it? Why? So many other web sites are free.

Well, unlike so many other web sites, this one does not serve ads and does not sell your data.

I hate ads and I do not want to serve them to the users of this site. Furthermore, I believe in privacy and you can be sure that your data will not be sold to anybody.

So, we eliminate the ads but we need to have some source of income to pay for the servers. They need constant babysitting. Without them, you wouldn't be able to use this site. And, I have to eat sometimes, too.

Meh, I like your site but I still don't want to pay for it.

Well, you can still use it. For the first four months, it is free. After that, it goes to read-only mode but your recipes still stay there. If you want to add more recipes after that, you can "hack" the system and make a new account, then copy all the recipes from the old account to the new one and, voila, you can use the service for free for another four months. And, if you're ready to do it three times a year, you can use it for free forever!

Well, forever might be a little overstated, because if too many people choose to do that, then I do not get paid, and the service will be closed. So, if you find this service useful (and I hope you will) and if you can afford it, I encourage you to become one of our customers.

Ok, I've been using your service for a while, but I want to close my account now. Can I do that? Will you erase my data?

Absolutely! You can delete your account whenever you wish, it's only a click of a button away. We are GDPR compliant and will erase everything that you have ever posted here.

Aaaand if I want to move my data elsewhere?

Your data is your data! This website does not lock your data in any way, you can save, copy or export your data any way you wish. You are only paying to keep your data safe, not to have it imprisoned.

OK, but, you still haven't answered the question. What does GabnGabnmean? And how do you even pronounce it?

It's a word that my younger daughter made up for food before she even knew how to say anything. She would use the word when she wanted to tell us she was hungry and wanted to eat and we used it to tell her that her food was ready. And, as for how to pronounce it, you can hear it here: